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Quality Checking Process

At Brigen Consulting, we are committed to delivering exceptional CAD-related engineering services that align with our clients' objectives and business interests. To achieve this, we have implemented a comprehensive quality assurance system that not only meets our rigorous internal standards but also surpasses our clients' expectations. Our team of experts and dedicated quality assurance specialists play a vital role in overseeing each step of our delivery process, ensuring that our services adhere to international best practices.

Quality Goals: The Foundations of Quality Processes

We are committed to excellence, which is evident in our overarching goals that shape our product development process. These targets are designed to guarantee absolute client satisfaction. Here are our goals:

  • Delivering error-free products on time.
  • Hiring top talent and leveraging advanced technology
  • Achieving the highest level of cost-effectiveness possible.
  • Developing customized solutions while staying within budget.
  • Improving client business objectives
  • Achieving all the goals set by the client during the meeting.
  • Our approach is characterized by flexibility and transparency.
  • Provide comprehensive technical and non-technical assistance
  • Strong and comprehensive data security protocols
  • Effective and streamlined communication

Key Components of Our Quality Assurance Policy

At Brigen Consulting, we are dedicated to maintaining the utmost quality standards that are essential for fostering our clients' business growth. Our commitment to optimizing our partners' resources is reflected in our quality policy, which is built upon the following cornerstones:

Productivity that facilitates cost and time advantages for market entry

Shared growth ethos

Our client satisfaction rate surpasses 99%, ensuring exceptional service and exceeding expectations.

Achieving affordability without compromising on quality.


Stringent performance measures to prevent overruns

Enhanced process capabilities

Operations marked by speed, accuracy, and efficiency

Enhancing performance through ongoing training and development

Quality Assurance Process at Brigen Consulting:

At Brigen Consulting, we follow a comprehensive quality assurance process that meticulously monitors every stage of our operations. After being awarded a project, we carefully select a team of experts based on their experience and skills, ensuring they are fully acquainted with the client's objectives and project requirements. Our quality assurance process encompasses the following:

  • Reviewing the team's understanding and their ability to meet the established standards.
  • The QA team ensures that CAD standards, including text, scale, line thickness, nomenclature, and more, are thoroughly validated.
  • If an error or non-compliance is identified, the team will revise the project accordingly.
  • The revised project goes through the same quality assurance process. Once it receives approval, it is shared with the client through cloud services.
  • The complete process, including any identified errors, is thoroughly documented for future reference and staff training purposes, ensuring comprehensive records and facilitating knowledge transfer.

Our Dedication to Excellence

At Brigen Consulting, our mission is to exceed our clients' expectations. We strive to align every aspect of our business - from quality checks and work processes to methods and customer service - with globally recognized standards like ISO. We maintain detailed records of every process and value feedback. This enables us to identify potential issues early on in future projects and develop effective problem-solving strategies. By combining our advanced technical skills with streamlined work processes, we ensure not only timely delivery but also exceptional quality in every project.

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