Looking for expert land development design services? Look no further!

Brigen Consulting is here to cater to all your industrial and residential land design needs. Our trusted team guarantees designs that stand up to strict quality checks, ensuring top-notch results.

We promise designs that match the best global standards, and we always adhere to local rules. Tell us what you need, and we'll tailor-make a plan just for you.

Want the best in land design, both in Viet Nam and globally? Reach out to Brigen Consulting today. Discover the joy of partnering with a team you can trust.

Land Development Design Services We Offer:

Land design is essential for every construction project, big or small. Proper planning and layout are a must. By outsourcing to us, you get designs that look good and work well.

Our engineers are the best in the business. They get top-tier training and stay updated with the latest in design. We have big projects in bustling places like New York and California, always adding value to these lively spots.

Initial Study for Land Development

Before we dive in, we chart out a clear path. At Brigen Consulting, we sketch out clear early plans and ideas to guide the whole project. We give you all the data you need to get a quick approval.

Site Planning and Design

Our team is adept at site planning. We factor in all aspects, from the lay of the land to local rules. We’ve got seasoned designers and planners, ready to guide your project from idea to reality.

Designing Commercial Sites

Our skilled team offers design and engineering services for commercial developments, with expertise in architecture, engineering, and planning. These include office buildings and large regional business and retail centers. We handle the design and drafting of roads, parking, drainage, utilities, landscaping, and more.

Designing Residential and Community Developments

Want to build homes or whole communities? We plan and design keeping every resident in mind. From roads to parks, we've got it covered.

Environmental Design and Reporting Services

We offer solid environmental planning and reporting. Our team is skilled in soil checks, rainwater plans, base designs, and more.

Off-Site Roads and Services

As civil engineers, we certify and prepare off-site works for property subdivision or rezoning. We handle various tasks such as linking water, sewer, and drainage systems. We also expand mainlines, widen roads, set up curbs and streetlights, and build sidewalks, bike paths, and boulevards.

Our land development design and drafting services are comprehensive and unique. We provide a wide range of land planning services, including due diligence, master planning, and detailed site design. With our expertise, we can conduct early initial analyses and concept planning to create real-world designs. Our capabilities in land development design include creating...

  • Cover sheet and notes sheet
  • Existing conditions and demolition plans
  • Site plans
  • Grading plan and earthwork calculations
  • Sediment and erosion control plans
  • Analysis of the Outfall
  • Best management practices calculations
  • Utility plan and profiles
  • Road profiles
  • Road design and sight distance plan
  • Construction details
  • Construction Specifications

Our Valued Clients

We have successfully completed multiple design projects using AutoCAD, AutoCad Civil3D, Infrawork. Our client base is diverse and includes various industries.

  • Real estate companies
  • Contractors
  • Land developers
  • Surveying firms
  • Property owners

Why choose Brigen Consulting for outsourcing your land development design services?

Comprehensive Services
Comprehensive Services

At Brigen Consulting, we offer a wide range of expertise including due diligence, evaluations, concept planning, engineering design, and securing regulatory agency approvals. Our services cater to various projects such as redevelopment, residential, commercial, mixed-use, institutional, and recreational.

Proven Track Record
Proven Track Record

With a portfolio of successful projects, ranging from modest subdivisions to large-scale master-planned communities, we have consistently demonstrated our ability to deliver effective solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client. Trust in our track record of accomplishment.

Client-Centric Approach
Client-Centric Approach

We deeply understand the importance of cost-efficiency, timely delivery, and adaptability for our clients. Our approach focuses on integrating these attributes into each project, ensuring swift approvals and client satisfaction along the way.

Community Commitment
Community Commitment

At Brigen Consulting, we are not just dedicated to our clients, but also to the communities they serve. Every project we handle is carried out with a commitment to the best interests of the local community, fostering positive socio-economic impacts.

Problem-Solving Expertise
Problem-Solving Expertise

Our experience in successfully tackling complex challenges, such as facilitating joint financing for infrastructure projects, highlights our prowess in navigating intricate scenarios on behalf of our clients. Trust in our problem-solving abilities to overcome any obstacles.