Platting Services

Unlocking the Power of Precise Platting

In the realm of civil engineering and land development, platting is more than just sketching out boundaries. Platting is a detailed step that sets the stage for successful building projects, whether for homes, businesses, or mixed-use areas. At Brigen Consulting, we excel in Civil Engineering Outsourcing Services and offer platting solutions for every project.

What is Platting?

A plat is like a detailed map dividing lands into sections. It's crucial for legal and building reasons, both in homes and businesses. This mapping helps visualize property spaces and meets local and global standards.

Why is Platting Essential?

Before laying the first brick or planting the first tree, we prioritize creating an accurate plat. It sets the foundation for:

  1. Proper project planning and drafting.
  2. Aligning with local and international standards.
  3. Ensuring a project remains compliant with local regulations.

Our Comprehensive Platting Approach

Initial Boundary Survey Crafting Site Plans Detailed Plat Mapping Approval Process Recordation
Before diving deep, we first establish the confines with a precise boundary survey of the targeted lands. Post the survey, our experts curate a comprehensive site plan, offering a vision for the impending development. With the survey and site plan ready, we craft a detailed plat map. It's more than just a design; it's the future blueprint of the project. Our seamless coordination with local authorities ensures that your plans smoothly sail through approvals. From initial submissions to implementing feedback, we've got it all covered. After checking all requirements, we record the final plat, indicating it's time to start construction.

Added Services for Holistic Development:

Land Rezoning Easement Vacation Drainage Planning Landscaping Blueprint
Navigating the maze of land-use changes with ease. Handling both rights-of-way and easement processes. With cutting-edge hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, we ensure impeccable drainage systems for your projects. Our team crafts landscaping plans that resonate with the land's intrinsic nature, ensuring aesthetic and functional brilliance.

Platting Services

Why Choose Brigen Consulting?

Our years of experience in Civil Engineering Outsourcing Services back your projects with unmatched expertise. We harness cutting-edge tools and align ourselves with the latest regulations, ensuring timely, accurate, and efficient platting services. From subdividing parcels to rezoning, our in-depth know-how transforms daunting tasks into streamlined processes.

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